How Do I Prepare for My Treatment? Treatments are 30 to 45 minutes in duration and should be scheduled 2 to 3 times a week, every week until all sessions have been completed. In addition, commit to following the instructions below until all sessions have been completed if not your results may be greatly compromised; it can defeat your purpose and ultimately prevent you from meeting your goals and maximizing your results!

1. Detox 7 days prior to starting your first session (consult your physician prior)
2. Hydration* is key to optimal cellular function and critical to the success of your session. Drink 1/2 ounce of water per body weight pound, with a minimum of 64 ounces per day
3. Avoid shaving and exfoliate at home the day of your body wrap to remove dead cells and enhance results.
4. Do NOT eat or drink anything but water 2 hours BEFORE your session and No Carbs 3 hours BEFORE your session (breads, pasta, rice, etc.) **
5. Eat sensibly and avoid alcohol, coffee, tea, high in sugar and carbonated drinks 24 hours BEFORE your session, and throughout the entire series of your sessions
6. Do NOT eat or drink anything but water 2 hours AFTER your session and No Carbs (breads, pasta, rice, etc.) 3 hours AFTER leaving the session. **
7. Exercise 30 minutes (burn 300-350 calories) within the 3-4 hour window period of completing your session (take a 30 minute fast walk, run, do chores around your house, etc.)
8. Continue to eat healthy, manage your caloric intake and exercise for 30 minutes per day until your series of sessions have been completed.
9. Wearing compression garments enhances lymphatic drainage and can be very helpful during your sessions as well as one week after you’ve completed your sessions.

* Hydration – You should drink plenty of water before, during and after each session as it allows the body to flush the fat and toxins released during the session and replaces the body fluids.  please come well hydrated.

Eating to soon before or after your session can confuse the body as to which “fat to metabolize and eliminate.”


Swedish Massage...............$60(50min)/95(80min)

Prenatal Massage...............$70/(50min)/110(80min)

Deep Tissue Massage........$70/(50min)/$110(80min)

Hot Stone Massage............$80/(50min)/$120(80min)

Aromatherapy Massage......$80(50min)/$110(80min)


Back Neck Shoulder...........$45/30min

Face, Neck, Scalp................$45/30min

Foot Reflexology.................$45/30min

Body Treatment

Infrared Sauna....................$25/30min

Aromatic Body Polish........$95/90min

                (including sauna)

Inch Loss Body Wrap........$85/60min

(Shed pounds, Detoxify)

FIR Infrared Body Wrap......$110/80min

(Detoxify, Lose Weight, Reduce Cellulite, Improve your skin and wellness)

How it Works – Infrared Body Wraps Work from the Inside Out. Unlike FAR LED Red light therapy, FIR Infrared Body Wraps do not heat the top layer of the body but instead increases the body’s internal temperature that in turn creates a warming thermal effect to the lower parts that significantly increase blood flow causing the body to sweat which enhances detoxification, fat burning and calorie use; and by removing wastes and impurities, the body no longer retains the excess water weight.

What are Doctors Saying about infrared Heat therapy?  According to weight loss authorities, health experts and physicians… “FIR infrared is highly recommended for aches, pain, muscle tension, cardiovascular, relaxation, chronic fatigue syndrome, detoxification and weight loss… Especially for those who don’t exercise or can’t exercise yet want an effective weight control and fitness maintenance program.


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